Prada Sunglasses SPR 23M Black Shades

$BRAND introduced modern $USAGE frames to the world. The materials used are of the highest quality. The styles are sleek and streamline. GREY GRADIENT lenses give clear vision and complete protection to the eyes by blocking harmful rays and extreme light brightness.

Brand: PRADA
Model: SPR 23M
Color Code: 1AB-3M1
Made in ITALY
Lens Characteristics:

An Outcome Evaluation of the Success for Kids Program (Technical Report)

Children's Studies
This report presents results from a multisite, quantitative evaluation of the international Success for Kids (SFK) after-school program. A nonreligious program, SFK seeks to build resilience in children. Interestingly, the authors found that the program positively affected not just social and internal outcomes but also school-related outcomes, even though SFK is not an academic intervention.