Pugster Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Murano Glass Bracelet Loose Beads

Beautiful Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Colori Murano Glass Beads are accentuated with a silver foil design. This tube shaped motif is adorned with an interior layer of silver foil giving it a striking look. Murano beads originated from Venice, and the colori bead is inspired by the Venetian Murano glass. Each Murano colori bead is made by hand, so each will be slightly different through length, height, and width. This Murano bead has a height of about 18mm and a length of about 12mm, and is authenticated by Pugster (TM), Inc. Yellow Gold Tube Silver Foil Colori Murano Glass Beads are available through wholesale and retail in our store. Murano colori beads are sold in packages of 5pc/pack-

Color: Gold, Yellow
Metal: Silver Foil
Size (mm): 18x12mm
Shape: Tube
Glass Type: Murano Glass

Machiavelli (Eminent Lives)

The author of The Prince—his controversial handbook on power, which is one of the most influential books ever written—Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527) was no prince himself. Born to an established middle-class family, Machiavelli worked as a courtier and diplomat for the Republic of Florence and enjoyed some small fame in his time as the author of bawdy plays and poems. In this discerning new biography, Ross King rescues Machiavelli's legacy from caricature, detailing the vibrant political and social context that influenced his thought and underscoring the humanity of one of history's finest political thinkers.